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Team lunch or dinner

Organizing a dinner or workshop for a group is the most frequent event requested by companies at Dans la Noir restaurant. Why such a success?


Hours spent on this negotiation and the contract is finally signed! The project initiated last year is finally finalized! The results are falling and are excellent!

So much reason to take advantage of these "big or small" successes to mark team spirit and strengthen the sense of belonging!


A very important event is in preparation and you want to support your team!

The end of the year is approaching and it is the right time to take stock and prepare calmly and constructively for next year! Newcomer or departure in the team and you want to promote cohesion!

Here are some more great opportunities to experience Dans Le Noir ? with your team.

Of course, it is a simple reservation at the restaurant or in the sensory area. You want to customize the experience a little bit, no problem! Share your needs and desires with our teams and we will prepare your visit as well as possible.

Vous vous retrouvez avec votre équipe à l’heure prévue, vous vous laissez guider par nos équipes. Accueil en lumière, briefing et vous n’avez plus qu’à suivre nos guides !

Dans ce cadre insolite, les barrières tombent, toute l’équipe est à égalité pour profiter de cette expérience inoubliable.

If you want to organize your event and celebrate the past year in November or December, then book well in advance as this period is very popular!

If your objective is to reward your team, it is also possible to buy gift cards or boxes for the restaurant Dans le Noir ? or the Sensory Lounge!