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Tasting, testing and product development:

Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting

After welcoming about 1.5 million people in absolute darkness to fifteen countries for more than fifteen years and working with hundreds of companies, we have acquired some experience and even expertise in the tasting of food and wine products.


An original study tool

As soon as we touch the sensory, marketing studies come up against the influence of the dominant meaning of the gaze and the weight of appearances. It seems difficult to differentiate the visual, color, appearance from other sensory dimensions of a product. It is in this sense that Dans le Noir? has developed a unique expertise by becoming the expert of blind tasting. Research companies, researchers, marketing departments and research centres of large companies or SMEs work with our teams to evaluate the sensory aspects of their products, refine their development, understand the consumer perception of their product in relation to the competition. An original approach made even more efficient by the complicity of our server guides.


With our sensory spaces, one step further

Our sensory spaces go further in sensory analysis and product perception. In addition to our workshops for the general public, our teams in Paris and Nantes, led by Camille Leveillé, Anaëlle Busnel and Tiffany Kendziolka, sensory expert graduated from ISIPCA, help leading brands to think, test and evaluate their products, their development, their sensory positioning in the face of competition, to identify the sensory dimensions of a product to improve it.

With more than 30 years of experience in innovation marketing (Y&R, Havas) for major brands and in the various aspects of CSR, Edouard de Broglie, founder of Dans le Noir ? can also contribute his experience to these reflections.

Would you like to test your products in absolute darkness? Would you like to benefit from the expertise of Dans le Noir? to guide your product development and ensure that all the senses are taken into account?