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Team Building

Team Building
  • Everything starts from conviviality: freed from the weight of the gaze, dominant sense, we must apprehend the other and our environment in general in a different way. Dans Le Noir ? has this extraordinary power to bring people together, to free speech, to improve listening and concentration, to kill apriori. From then on, communication becomes more authentic.

    For a dinner, a workshop or an original experience in absolute darkness, social conventions fade away, hierarchies fade. By listening to each other, by rediscovering each other, the team naturally bonds together! The meeting with an unexpected guide also questions our perception of difference and our intimate vision of Diversity.

    1. The objectives of your team building

    Team building or motivational or team-building operation brings together your employees, executives or managers to experience a unique and impactful moment when the context, situations and interactions will be different from those of everyday life in the office. The objective is generally to strengthen team cohesion, but not only!

    Team building can also be used to:

    • highlight and develop collective intelligence
    • stimulate the motivation of each individual and the group
    • integrate new employees or remotivate existing employees
    • defuse possible conflicts within the group
    1. Many cohesion and motivation activities possible in the dark

    Darkness as such is in itself a formidable team building tool. Many cohesion and motivation activities are possible.

    Some consider that lunch or dinner in absolute darkness (see breakfast) is already an activity that is original and destabilizing enough to serve as a basis for an informal team building operation.

    Indeed, by welcoming you in a group on large tables d'hôtes or around a workshop led by an expert, the situation created is unusual.  It encourages discussion and stimulates exchanges. The black frees up the speech and always plays a role of "facilitator". Shy, discreet, expansive,... the cards are redistributed and everyone can express themselves more freely. Communication becomes more free and authentic.

    Table Guide: Integrate an element of diversity stimulation. Dinner with one of our specially trained "table guide" will stimulate discussion and energize your team building. It encourages exchange, answers questions, unlocks deadlocks and circulates the word so that everyone can express themselves.

    Collaborative activities where new forms of communication become essential.

    Construction, mastery of language without visual support, sensory challenge,... the possibilities of activities to be implemented are infinite. Deprived of a meaning that usually provides 80% of the information, the view, employees have no other options to advance in the activity offered to them, they must improve their alternative communication tools! They also find themselves outside their comfort zone and all are on an equal footing in this same unusual situation. Hierarchies jump, apriori disappear. They must then learn to manage this unexpected situation in order to find new landmarks and to find a coherent place within the group.

    1. Tailor-made team building

    Whether in our facilities, on one of your sites or in a place adapted to your project, we always offer tailor-made team building operations in line with your objectives. With 15 years of experience in development, meetings, meals, workshops, meetings and activities around the Dans le Noir? concept, we will be able to propose the event that meets your needs.

    It is common to find 3 key moments in the events organized:

    • Activities, challenges, missions... starting point of teambuilding
      • To build an object in absolute darkness with scissors, paper, tape, in a given time...
      • Take up the sensory challenge prepared by our guides using touch, smell, taste, hearing...

    Express your creativity in teams by following specific instructions to develop your own creation... and discover the final result once in light by comparing it to that of the other teams!

    Team Building can be built around the intervention of an employee on a particular theme (business, strategy, diversity,...). It can also be built around the intervention of one of our experts in social innovation, diversity management or an expert in disability situations.

    • Discussion, exchanges, debates in the dark

    The unexpected context allows participants to free up speech and make communication more dense and authentic. This unique experience also makes it possible to forget our apriori, to put the hierarchies in brackets, and to verbalize our emotions, our thoughts, the strategies implemented by the different groups. It should also be noted that darkness has this happy ability to concentrate the attention of our senses in awakening since it is deprived of the dominant sense. The quality of listening in the dark is therefore exceptional.

    • Debriefing for an efficient teambuilding

    Finally, an experience in the dark would not be complete without a light debriefing at the exit to evaluate what has just happened at the human level for everyone, for the team, for the company, to exchange with the guide, the expert, ...

    Beyond the experience itself, the managers, experts and guides of "In the dark? "are happy to share the experience of a group of companies that employs nearly 50% of employees with disabilities in the mainstream environment without any special assistance or subsidies.

Team Building