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Team Building
  • What is brainstorming?

    Brainstorming could be defined as the ability of a group to express new ideas, in significant quantities, that meet a specific need, without being influenced by existing or prioritised ideas.

    The objective of brainstorming is therefore to use collective intelligence and creativity to find solutions.

  • Brainstorming in absolute darkness: how? why?

    Among the unexpected benefits of darkness is the stimulation of creativity and collective intelligence. So it seems like fertile ground for brainstorming!

    In the dark? works with many small and large companies to stimulate innovation and seek solutions.

  • Efficient and innovative brainstorming in the dark

    Back to 5 key points:

  • 1 - Free speech

    Darkness frees the word and undermines conventions, hierarchies, timidity or arrogance, all new situations that can only be beneficial to a creative approach or the search for common solutions.

    2 - Kill the apriori and question yourself

    Dans le Noir ? is also an apriori destroyer. It is an experience that challenges our certainties about what we think we know and how we perceive others.

    3 - Concentration and listening quality

    Immersed in absolute darkness, we also see our concentration fixated on our other senses, especially our hearing. In this way, a natural respect for the words of others and an extraordinary quality of listening are established.

    4 - Stimulate the imagination

    Forget the post-it notes, whiteboards, blank pages, ... no one will suffer from the evil of the blank page or the blocking of the first idea!

    Darkness liberates the imagination. Supported by the stimulation of senses that are often overwhelmed or distracted by sight, such as smell, hearing or touch, an animator is able to open unexpected paths to ideas or innovative solutions.

    5 -High level facilitators

    Leading a group or brainstorming in the dark is an exciting experience but requires some experience. Our experts have different profiles and rich and varied backgrounds. Depending on the themes addressed and the objectives sought, they will be able to guide, relaunch, synthesize and contribute. Some have more than 20 years of experience in this type of exercise.

    Dans le Noir? offers companies and institutions an unexpected context and authentic communication that stimulates imagination, creativity and listening. All these benefits make brainstorming in the dark an original, innovative and effective experience.

Team Building

Any ideas? A project? A brainstorming session to organize?