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Recruitment in the dark

Recrutement dans le noir
  • Recruitment is a key step in the life of the candidate for the position but also for the recruiter. For one, it means demonstrating all your motivation, highlighting your qualities and skills and proving that you are the right person to fill the positions, for the other, it means evaluating your skills, your interpersonal skills and making the right choice. Recruitment is a particular exercise, often stressful and destabilizing for the candidate. In order to put the recruiter and the job seeker on an equal footing, Ethik Connection - from the same group as the famous restaurants "Dans le Noir? ", offers an original recruitment method that helps to combat stereotypes. A new and innovative adventure proposed by specialists to carry out high-performance and qualitative recruitment. How are job interviews organised in absolute darkness?

  • 1. The recruiter joins the "dark Lab", a dedicated space, installed in the place of your choice for this meeting (we travel throughout France), plunged into complete darkness, accompanied by a blind human resources specialist to "desacralize" the moment.

  • 2. The candidate is in turn accompanied to join the black room and meet without first seeing the recruiter. 3. The exchange can finally begin between the two protagonists. Candidates do not present themselves by a first name but by a quality, for example Mrs. Caring or Mr. Bold, which is in line with the continuity of the anonymous CV.

  • Complete black breaks down barriers and encourages sincere non-judgmental discourse. Choosing an interview in the dark means putting aside your prejudices and starting from a blank page where you can offer the opportunity for an authentic and free exchange.

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