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Customer Evening

Team Building
  • New or existing customers, there is always a good opportunity to thank them. Are you looking for an extraordinary and original event? A customer evening that will leave its mark on people's minds? Restaurants Dans le Noir ? are the perfect place to spend an unforgettable evening and thank your professional contacts. In the dark? invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and focus on what we all share: human connections and the pleasures of the table. Offer your customers an evening with many facets: a unique sensory journey, an opportunity to gather and interact with conviviality, an opportunity to create human encounters!

  • Be original

    Offering a dinner in absolute darkness for a customer evening is the guarantee of a friendly moment that will leave its mark on people's minds. No problem for the choice of menu, it is 100% surprising (allergies and food restrictions will be taken into account!) More than one restaurant, offer your customers an enriching experience, unique in its kind and as stimulating as it is entertaining.

  • Share your values 

    If social diversity and inclusion are at the heart of your values, then the unique experience of dining in complete darkness will leave your guests with a powerful memory of an experience that makes sense. In this environment, guests leave aside their preconceived ideas in favour of spontaneous exchanges!

  • A tailor-made customer evening

    Do you have a special need to make the evening your own? Contact our local teams to organize the event that will leave its mark on your customers. Possibility of a light cocktail before and/or after the experiment in the dark, photobooth and many additional activities.


Team Building