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Promotion and communication

Team Building
  • Do you want to launch a new product or brand? Do you want to revitalize communication on an existing product? How to carry out the communication action, the campaign that will have a lasting impact on people's minds?

  • Organize a Press Conference In the Dark

    By putting 60 journalists in the absolute darkness to help them discover a product or project, originality is guaranteed! Their attention is captured, they are focused on the product itself and not on its packaging. At first confused by not being able to take notes, they are conquered by the experience and experience the discovery of the product through their meaning other than the gaze, in a unique way. We work with perfumers or winegrowers as well as with publishers to promote a book, writers, musicians or professionals in the food industry.

  • Create the buzz around your product by challenging your consumers or prescribers.

    Why not use this original and unusual tasting or discovery context to challenge and mobilize consumers, bloggers, influencers, around one of your new products?

    Presenting a product or service offer to your distribution network or partners in absolute darkness creates impact, attention and will give your product or brand a modern, dynamic and innovative image.

  • Use Dans le Noir ? to build an original advertising concept

    In the dark can inspire creative advertising agencies and advertising filmmakers. Dans Le Noir ? regularly works with major brands such as Coca Cola for example.

Team Building
  • Case studies


A product launch? A communication project? A buzz to create?